An experience to learn about entering a car in Spain.

We are Belgians but had just lived in the Netherlands for 3 years.


The first European journey of our car.


On our departure from Belgium we (just like in Spain) took the car as household goods. We had not taken specific steps in Belgium. Upon arrival at the RDW (Dutch inspection service), everything was arranged and the car had a Dutch registration within a week.



The second trip of our car


After 3 years we agreed, we traded in the Netherlands for the sunny south and our car was allowed to travel again. After 3 days of driving we arrived in our new home close to Puerto Lumberas. We were determined that we had quickly taken the necessary steps to get all the papers in order. We have made the choice to be assisted by an external adviser and I am still happy about that.

The car was also part of the process.

The documents and inspection were done in one day, everything went smoothly, we were under the Spanish sun for less than a week and already a long way off. Until I received a phone call from the Gestoria who was going to take over the transfer of the car. There was a problem. In Nederland you have to deregister the car at the RDW. To do this it was necessary that the owner of the car and of course the car itself, physically register with the services of the RDW.

Fortunately, after some searching on the internet, we found a company that had a branch in the Netherlands and Spain and that would do the job administratively, provided a fee of course. But everything better than driving back and forth from Spain to the Netherlands. The costs were certainly less than the travel costs paid from Spain to the Netherlands and back.

After less than 4 days we had the necessary papers and a week later our car was a roadman with a Spanish accent.




Be sure to ask if you have to do anything before you get in the car and drive to the sunny south.