Buying or renting a house in Spain is different.


The customs are different, the buying process is different and the language is different.



  • Houses are often rented or sold furnished
    • Ask for it, the price of the furniture is usually taken into account. Do you have furniture or is the house equipped with a lot of unusable items, you will have to remove them yourself after the purchase! Ask us for information about a place and contents description to avoid misunderstandings.


  • A house can be offered for sale as well as for rent.
    • It is not abnormal that a house is offered for sale as well as for rent. It could well be that the pictures show that a house is empty and during the visit you discover that it is rented out with a long term contract. This can be a problem due to the fact that you have to move into the property yourself.


  • A house can be offered to several agents / brokers
    • The Spanish real estate market is open and the use of exclusive contracts is not common practice. It is quite possible that a property is offered through different brokers on different channels.


  • The asking price may differ
    • What the above implies is that the same property is advertised for different prices. Some owners don’t know which real estate agent they have placed their property with and even more they don’t know the agreed conditions and prices anymore.


  • Owner determines the price of the property an estimate or market analysis is almost never done which sometimes results in high prices.
    • A Spanish real estate agent does not work with valuations, the owner here is the one who determines the price. Especially in these times it is important to have a valuation with a thorough market analysis. Because of the expected drop in prices on the property market, it will become very important to purchase a property at the current market value. We make an appraisal of each property with a market analysis. We have a lot of work to do during this crisis period. All prices are tested against the new market and discussed with the owners.


  • There are large differences in the quality of houses, the construction period and type of constructions can vary a lot.
    • Do you want a new building or an old renovated cortijo with natural stone walls. This is not the only difference. At many locations it is not possible to provide a basement or crawl space, but also the barrier low (rising groundwater) is not a fixed use in a Spanish building. We have an expert in the field of carcass construction and finishing in our office. Their expert view and different view of a house will not be able to foresee all possible problems but just more than a standard view. A dimension deeper with just that extra assurance.


  • Not everything advertised on the net is also available!
    • From what has been mentioned above, it could just be that a property on the public sites and that of the real estate agent is still for sale, but the really is different.


  • Usually agents or brokers do not have a complete file with all the necessary information such as contract utilities, IBI, nota simple,…
    • A building can be owned by different owners, think of an inheritance, with the right documents you know for sure who the seller is. Does the building have a utility connection and a contract with a company? Our sales file includes all documents. It is not always easy to get these together but the interest of our client (the buyer) comes first.


huis kopen in Spanje


The costs


Type of cost Amount or % Description


Transfer taxes

– Existing building

– New building



11,5 %


On the purchase price

On the purchase price as follows (10% VAT and 1.5% taxes)


Notary fees

– Honorary notary

– Registration costs

– Mortgage








On the purchase price

On the purchase price



Administration costs

– Taxes

– Registration register



€ 300 to € 600

These costs are not fixed data, only a guideline. They can fluctuate depending on the notary and whether these works were carried out by a notary or disturbed.



– Valuation

– Architectural research


€ 300

€ 400

In the case of a mortgage, an appraisal will always be carried out, usually by an appraiser from the bank.

The architectural survey is not necessary.


Conclusion costs mortgage 3 to 4 % These % are different at the different banking institutions and also depending on the mortgage.
Lawyer € 650 to 1500 An extra service that can be called in to check and translate the contracts and documents.







Are you looking for a property in Spain? We are happy to assist you free of charge in your search.


What can we do for you?


  • On the basis of the completed search query (free of charge) we can search for the suitable property through various channels in different areas of Spain.
  • Offer the property through a show on our website with photos and videos both of the property and its surroundings. (free of charge)
  • Extra info will be sent by mail. (free of charge)
  • If interested, make a valuation with market analysis
  • Request and check the sales file and the necessary documents (free of charge)
  • Arrange a visit to places and, depending on the region, assist you during the visit or pass this task on to a partner.
  • We remain your contact person so don’t be afraid of the language barrier (free of charge).
  • Do you want to buy? We follow the entire process up to the notarial deed! (free of charge)
  • Would you like assistance with the transfer of keys with description of location, inventory, transfer of contracts for utilities, gas, electricity, … that is also possible but is certainly not an obligation!



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