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This blog is specifically for people who want more information about Spain and more specifically about the South-Eastern region of Spain. People who have a dream to own a property under the Spanish sun. Information about buying a property, NEI number, taxes and others are covered here. We intend to keep the information up to date and inform everyone as well as possible.

Newly built house

Big news,   Now also new homes in our offer!   Today a close cooperation agreement was signed between Spanish-Home and a key on the door building company with name and fame in Spain. Our team was named Casa21.   Casa 21 has everything under one roof, a team of architects and engineers but now […]



The holiday mood in your room!

Murcia a region to visit, the city of Lorca is definitely one of them.   Lorca is one of the largest cities in Spain. In 1964 the historic centre was awarded the title of «city of artistic interest». It is also known as «the baroque city». The historic center will certainly have contributed to this. […]

Buying or renting a house in Spain is different.

  The customs are different, the buying process is different and the language is different. Customs:   Houses are often rented or sold furnished Ask for it, the price of the furniture is usually taken into account. Do you have furniture or is the house equipped with a lot of unusable items, you will have […]

An experience to learn about entering a car in Spain.

We are Belgians but had just lived in the Netherlands for 3 years.   The first European journey of our car.   On our departure from Belgium we (just like in Spain) took the car as household goods. We had not taken specific steps in Belgium. Upon arrival at the RDW (Dutch inspection service), everything […]