Real Estate Coach


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Do you need help negotiating?

Does your dream house have the right price?

Are all required documents in order?

Your home under the Spanish sun is a whole company. Another country, another language and different laws and regulations, it is good to have at your side someone who thinks with you in such situations. Someone involved and with their experience can give you personal advice.

Because sometimes you have no idea.

How should you start? Where do you want to buy, nationally or rather the coast? What will the movement involve? Can I do that in a foreign language?

With me as a real estate coach by your side, there are quick answers to these questions. I give you advice and together we will get there. My service is personal, transparent and offers security.


As I am the only point of contact, I am always up to date with everything that is happening. In this way I guarantee direct communication, from morning to afternoon, six days a week. Not only by phone, but also by mail, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Transparent and honest

Clear agreements make good friends. I see my clients as friends, neighbors whom I also want to help after the purchase process when necessary. All agreements and wishes are discussed and pointed out clearly and transparently, everyone knows what and where, from the first idea to the transfer of keys included. I am your right hand from beginning to end.


The Spanish market is slightly different from Dutch, Belgian, French or English. Not only the language and the weather are different, but also the legislation. Each region has a different policy, different legislation and different customs, even when it comes to real estate.

The right price

Buying the house of your dreams is one thing, buying the house of your dreams at the right price is another matter.

With years of experience as an appraiser of banks and insurance companies, you also have an expert in your pocket who helps you determine the right price and … defend the owner fairly and correctly.


  • I am your ears and your eyes.
  • I am looking for the building in the region that fully meets your requirements. Not only the price is verified, but also the location, finish and other specific wishes.
  • Your search will be mine. A physical selection of the selected properties, document review, which results in a presentation of the properties that I found positive that met your search criteria. An email show with photos and video of the area.
  • Organize visits and help you during your first real presentation of the property.
  • Once we have found the property of your dreams, follow the price negotiation.
  • After reading the purchase deed and possibly making adjustments and implementing it.
  • Advice on insurance and possibly financing of the property.
  • Advice to the notary.
  • Help you with the transfer of keys and even more …