Build on your dream.

Finding a suitable home is not always easy.

Why not build a new home on your ideal spot? Your dream home wherever you want it, in the mountains and enjoy the peace and quiet or rather close to the beach or close to a city. Everything is possible, everything is possible at a very interesting price.

A newly built home that meets high energy standards, which will save you every month on energy costs and you can fully enjoy the delicious spring sun that warms up your home.

We don’t just build, we think along with our clients. Our professionals from all fields give your home its own personality, we advise you on the layout of rooms, the layout of storage areas such as cupboards and changing rooms, the lighting, the distribution of wet rooms, the orientation of the house on the plot, the adaptation to the natural environment, we plan the landscaping of the exterior and even help you make the right choice of plant species. We take into account flowering and shade because outdoor life should be as enjoyable as living in the house.

Our structural system enables us to build your house in record time. Our philosophy is to have everything structured before the start of the construction works. Plans that are worked out down to the last detail, adapted and worked out again until everything fits the ideal picture.

The choice of materials, finishes and lighting for all rooms are chosen and incorporated into the whole.

A detailed and closed budget is drawn up, no surprises, everything transparent and clear.

If everything is to your liking, a 3D model of your house, real time interior and exterior will follow. This way you will have a reliable and clear picture of what your house will look like. The end result visually for you.

Don’t let more time pass by and let’s build your future together. The house you’ve always dreamed of. In three months you will see how the foundation of your new life will be laid and once the project is completed (within three months) you will have the key in your hands. The key that will open the door to your happiness.

Our goals:

  • To build a home with almost zero CO2 emissions with an economic saving for you and with a wink to the environment. To achieve this, we use a wide range of bioclimatic strategies in each design that will improve energy efficiency, as well as the choice of materials and air conditioning systems are part of the plan.
  • Highly insulated homes . We use correctly chosen insulation for our facades, roofs and floors to prevent energy loss.
  • Highly efficient windows and glass. The weak points of energy loss in both winter and summer are the windows. That is why we work with prestigious brands that provide their windows and glass with a high insulating capacity.
  • Fresh air with heat recovery, this means that the house will have a system for intake air from the street and evacuation of stale indoor air with an efficient heat recovery device.
  • Orientation on the plot . The correct orientation of a property is essential for your comfort. A well oriented house benefits from the sun in winter and protects itself from it in summer. Through the use of terraces, sun protection elements and the right choice of trees and vegetation, solar radiation can be played with at different times of the year.
  • Energy efficient air-conditioning systems: there is a wide range of options on the market, from pellet boilers to Aero thermal systems, underfloor heating / cooling, fan coil units and solar panels. We will advise you on the pros and cons of the different systems so that you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Photovoltaic installation for generating your own electrical energy, i a country with a lot of sun is certainly a plus.
  • Collection and recycling of clean water for irrigation . By separating dirty water from clean water, the latter can be collected and used to irrigate the garden.

All this allows us to make modern, spacious, beautiful, practical and ecological homes. Come and discover it, we will be happy to help you, our entire team of architects, engineers and real estate experts is at your service.

Presentation of the example houses.

To let you dream away for a while. A presentation of already built houses.

These houses are examples.

Adaptation is possible.

Change is possible.

Windows, doors, terraces everything to your liking.

  • Choose one of our designs, adapt it to your wishes or we can even design a new model for you according to your wishes or ask us to create a new design. The example models are fully customizable, both in design, finishes, materials and colors.
  • A new design in which we take your ideas or needs into account is also possible.
  • As soon as we have the final model, the budget will be adjusted to work with a CLOSED PRICE.
  • From there we take care of everything, we apply for the building permit at the relevant city council.
  • Within three months you will be able to enjoy your brand new home.

The price indicated in this show will be retained when your land is located within a radius of 100 km around Lorca. Other regions are possible, discuss this with us, we have projects all the way to France.

Haven’t found suitable land yet? Also for this we have a specialist under our roof click here and tell us your wishes.

The price of this property includes ventilation with heat exchanger

Electricity and water connections are included up to 25 meters.

What is including house prices?

  • Architectural project.
  • Geotechnical study of the site.
  • Topographical research
  • Processing the building permit.
  • Building management of the architect and technical architect.
  • Health and safety research.
  • Health and safety coordination.
  • Construction of the house.
  • QA.
  • Waste management.
  • Energy efficiency certificate.
  • Delivery of keys.

What is NOT included in the house prices?

  • The corresponding VAT.
  • Licence fees
  • Home connections. (In house prices it is assumed that the service connections are located at the foot of the plot, at a maximum distance from the house of 25 m).