Newly built house

Big news,


Now also new homes in our offer!


Today a close cooperation agreement was signed between Spanish-Home and a key on the door building company with name and fame in Spain. Our team was named Casa21.



Casa 21 has everything under one roof, a team of architects and engineers but now also a permanent point of contact in your own language Sandra Vanghesdaele (Spanish-home).

A complete team, each with its own specialties and expertise, who will work together and assist you to design and build the house you have always wanted.


On the website of you will find representations of the houses that can be built but,… all the projects are adaptable to the unique wishes. The customer is central, you are central, your ideas and needs are important and we incorporate them into a total project.


We put our technical experience to good use for the development of the entire construction process.

Our fifteen years of experience and the satisfaction of our customers guarantee that you will not hesitate to join us on a short journey that will make your dreams come true.


What is our goal?


To offer newly built houses on the basis of high quality levels. To build the house of your dreams in the shortest possible time for a price adapted to the maximum of your needs and always within reach and within three months.

Once the plans are ready, if everything is to your liking, we will make sure that you can enjoy your new home within three months.


Our pioneering model for building passive and low-cost houses covers the whole process of self-promotion of single-family homes, including from architecture, through development to the project management itself.

The close contact with our customers, is a priority, you play the leading role in the process, we are transparent, both in terms of the price of the project and the time in which we realize it.

A permanent contact person who speaks to you in your own language is important here.


What can you expect?


We will take you through the entire project, from the first idea to full delivery and beyond.

You are part of the project, part of your new house, for us a satisfied customer comes first. We take care of the whole process, we are the orchestra, you are the conductor!

Quality, price, speed and involvement of our clients (realization in 3 months) are 4 of our goals.


But there is even more we offer!

By building our system of energy efficient or neutral houses, you save on your energy expenses, every month again!

passief-huisOur studied bioclimatic strategies when building, give the possibility to build a passive, ecological and cheap house, our constructions meet the highest passive house standards for the most interesting price.

Are you ready to build the house of your dreams? Then we are your partner!

Start today with the realization of your dream.

Take a look at our models and contact us for more information.

The whole team is ready for you.


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