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Murcia a region to visit, the city of Lorca is definitely one of them.


Lorca is one of the largest cities in Spain.

In 1964 the historic centre was awarded the title of «city of artistic interest».

It is also known as «the baroque city». The historic center will certainly have contributed to this.


The city but also the many mountain ranges that embrace the city make this place special. Both culture and nature lovers will get their money’s worth here.


To sniff out a bit of culture:




Numerous archaeological sites,

– the Columna Miliaria from Roman times,

– the Alfonsina Tower, a Christian construction that dates back to after the Reconquest; the «Porche de San Antonio»,

– the gate through the old wall that surrounded the city (in the 10th century),

– the numerous churches and monasteries from different periods and built in different styles (15th century to 18th century),

– the baroque palaces and stately homes.


If you are in the area during semana santa (the Easter week) then this is definitely recommended. In the main street horses with chariots thunder between the stands with jubilant people. The blue or Azuls and the white or Blanco’s cheer their team with loud cries. The southern temperament splashes from the grandstand. Unfortunately, this annually recurring spectacle due to the corona crisis in 2020 has not taken place either, but without it it is a regular event that catapults this vibrant city back to old times.


All clothing and cars are made with great craftsmanship. Ceramics, wall and floor carpets, intricate embroidery and wrought iron contribute to a breathtaking spectacle.

Paarden semana santa


The pleasant climate.


Lorca is an area with a mix of Mediterranean, semi-arid (which means as much as half dry climate) or subtropical climate. The average annual temperatures of about 18 degrees and hot summers where the mercury rises to a maximum of 40 degrees in summer are normal. Lorca has seasons, in the winter months temperatures of 11 degrees are no exception. In the higher places the temperature can drop more.

The total of about 2,800 to 3,000 hours of sunshine is pleasant, certainly in comparison with the more northern regions in Europe such as the Netherlands and Belgium. There, the average number of hours of sunshine per year is between 1400 and 1750 in an exceptionally sunny year.


Fortunately, the region also has rain periods that occur mainly around October/November and March/April. However, the amount of water is limited, averaging 300-350 mm per year. In Belgium, the annual average is 2 to 4 times more with an increasing average of 600 mm per year.



Murcia a pearl in Spain


Murcia has a varied country. Plains and mountains embrace each other. A beautiful coastline and the natural beauty of the interior with vineyards almond plantations and rugged mountains.


The relief and also the climate are influenced by the Bégian cordillera or Cordeleera Bética. A mountain range that starts in Morocco and enters Spain via the Strait of Gibraltar. There it bends to the East and has foothills as far as Valencia and even the Balearic Islands.


This large chain with high peaks to deep valleys, at a relatively short distance, play with the climate. The highest point in the region measures 2027 meters and is called the Revolcadores massif. In the middle and northwest are several smaller mountain ranges such as the Sierra Espuña, La pila and Ricote . The Sierra Nevada is also part of this mountain range.


Another Murcian region in the northwest is Jumilla and Yecla where many popular wines are grown. A dream for every wine lover who also wants to let the inner man enjoy his visit, although of course this is also possible in the numerous bars and restaurants that Murcia has to offer.


Further south the landscape changes into fertile farmland. The vegetable garden of Spain and perhaps of a large part of Northern Europe. The Campo of Cartagena is one of these beautiful vast areas where agriculture is the main player.


The coastline of Murcia, with a length of more than 170 km, consists of bays, small beaches flanked by steep cliffs and rocks which is a breathtaking sight. La manga and the laguna Mar-Menor are only known examples. The coastline of Murcia has something for everyone, small coves, wild seas, sand dunes, beaches, salt water lagoons but also the nature lover is served here at his beck and call. From typical fauna including the Sabina mora to the small fish by the name of Fartet or Aphanius Iberus can be spotted.


Kust van Murcia Kust Murcia


Living in Murcia.


Murcia is not to be despised as a residential choice. Tourism (especially in the interior) is not overwhelming although the culture and nature is.

As most people will know, every autonomous region has different laws and regulations, also when it comes to building, living and other things.

When we compare Murcia with Andalucia, Murcia is just a bit more flexible when it comes to building and renovating (especially when we talk about buildings outside the city centre and the foothills of the cities).


In Andalucia it is almost impossible to build new buildings in the mountainous areas. Many unfinished buildings are in a desolate state and will wear out their lives as a shell without experiencing the conviviality of the inhabitants, except for sparrows and pigeons.


In Murcia, which in my opinion is more focused on agriculture and is the main source of income, there is more to achieve. Of course, each case has to be looked at separately. It may be clear that also Murcia has laws and regulations that should manage all this, but there are certainly more possibilities.


If you have lost your heart to this pearl in Spain, it is important, as in other areas, to be well informed. The varied landscape with its mountains and valleys and the different climates in a small area are an important pillar. Once you know what you prefer and the location is determined, the real search begins. Finding the right property at the right location at the right price.


If you need help, if you have questions or if you want more information you can contact real estate agents, lawyers or other willing people. Many of them speak out of their own interest or experience and will be happy to show you the way. If you need a real right hand, someone to assist you from your first search idea to the transfer of the key, you can come to us. The great advisory work is completely free of charge.


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