Know what your own home is worth! The right price gives a quick sale!

Nothing is more beautiful than falling in love with a house. Certainly today. But what about your current home? How much is it really worth for a buyer in today’s market?

Sell your property? Then it is wise to have the value determined. We are happy to do this for you. Entirely without obligation, independent and free! Therefore request a valuation today because a correct price gives a smooth sale!

What do we do as an appraiser / estimator?

We determine the market value of the home and use different standards. That is custom work. We look at how the property relates to other homes in the neighborhood and how it fits into the housing market of your region.

In addition to market value, other pillars are also being considered; type of home, the size, nature and layout of the home, the architectural quality and the state of maintenance.

To perform a valuation, a site visit is necessary so that we can observe all aspects of the property with our own eyes. Based on this, the report is worked out.

What do we need?

As much information as possible, including documents.

The proof of ownership, but also the cadastral data and the measurement report or the drawings of your home can be useful.

What we view during the visit?

  • the state of maintenance
  • the content and area
  • the functional layout
  • the construction and the materials used, and the quality thereof
  • the degree of insulation and energy efficiency
  • the location and the environment
  • the market situation

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